Reviews - Best Travel Insurance of 2016

Best Travel Insurance Companies in 2016

Most phenomenal, life-changing adventures begin as a mishap far, far away from home. However, it is only after emergency extrication and about a dozen rounds of nervous laughter that this otherwise "risky", "dangerous", or almost always "expensive" situation gets promoted to adventure status.

Travel insurance is a great big cushion for those unexpected financial blows that are, unfortunately, just a part of traveling. Delayed flights, a lost connection, an extra day at that expensive hotel or lost luggage can really ruin a carefully planned trip- so plan in some protection!

Do I really need travel insurance?

The great majority of travelers get by just fine without travel insurance, however it is not for lack of risk. The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in the year 2014 alone, two-percent of flights were completely cancelled and one in four trips were delayed. This is not taking into account personal travel emergencies such as a death or sickness in the family, an injury abroad, etc.

So do you really need travel insurance? Honestly, it's up to you- but if you need a second opinion, we'll help you with a handy list of the best travel insurance companies for the year 2016.

Top Travel Insurance Companies for 2016

1. Travel Guard

Travel Guard is the AT&T of travel insurance- it's got you covered. Whether it's a matter of a trip cancellation, travel medical insurance, long-term travel plans (study or work abroad people, pay attention), or even cancellation of a full trip, you're in the right hands.

In addition to covering pretty much any emergency in the Grand Book of Emergencies, Travel Guard also allows you to fully customize your plan so that you're not paying for extras.

Perhaps the best perk of insuring your trip with Travel Guard is their "cancel for any reason" policy. No fuss, no hard-to-access pile of documents to bring in, no long application form- just simply, coverage.

2. TravelEx

This company is great for those who travel for work. Business trips are exciting when you're filling out that job application, but changes in work schedules or issues with a client can really make a dent in your wallet. TravelEx allows business travelers to add coverage that protects them in these scenarios.

With three choices of coverage- Basic, Select, or Max, TravelEx clients have good options for what they pay, when they pay it, and what they pay for.

3. HTH Worldwide

Those with medical conditions or traveling at a significant risk of needing medical attention might want a more medical-insurance-minded company to cover them. HTH offers a variety of different travel plan options with great travel medical insurance plans.

Not only does HTH Worldwide provide its clients with top-notch plans at affordable prices (offers both a primary and economy option), it also ensures that they have access to quality medical professionals who speak English- that's right! They have an app for that!

4. Seven Corners

Seven Corners does as it suggests- it provides coverage for everything and everyone. From mission groups to outdoors fanatics, this insurance company covers all.

Standard Seven Corners travel plans cover lost baggage, cancellation, and medical quite comfortably and the plan won't break the bank. The company also offers a wide variety of coverage plans.

5. IMG

This company offers plans that are appealing to people and groups who travel for specific reasons such as student exchange programs, internships, mission and charity work, and adventure sports.

Offering top-notch medical coverage, this company has simple plans for basic traveling with an emphasis on medical insurance. That being said, the only "catch" here is actually finding all this information on their website as they do not cater to mobile devices.

6. World Nomads

World Nomads is one of the cheapest travel insurance companies around, offering quality coverage packages those of us who would rather spend our dollars on a nice local brunch.

Despite its modest fees, World Nomad manages to throw in pretty decent coverage on everything from trip interruption to full cancelation, making it one of the most appealing insurance companies in the travel niche.

As is expected, the cheap prices come at the cost of something and in this case it's the provision of coverage for large groups or the elderly (adults over the age of 70).

7. Allianz

If you have children under 18, you just found the best travel insurance option for your family. Allianz covers children under the age of 18 for free, and that's not all- a 24-hour emergency line coupled with the convenience of annual coverage make Allianz one of the top travel insurance companies in the country.

Receive free online quotes, and packages covering lost baggage, rental cars, trip cancellation, and even those ridiculously expensive trip-change fees.

8. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Domestic business travelers at attention! This travel insurance company starts its domestic plans for as little as $34, with decent coverage of lost baggage, trip cancellation, and even medical insurance.

9. RoamRight

With a coverage of up to one million dollars for medical emergency coverage, RoamRight takes the coverage to new heights. An insurance company designed around the needs of sports travelers, this company covers everything from sports equipment, international travel, to weather conditions.


Just like its name suggests, this affordable travel insurance company sets all your worries to rest with a generous medical coverage of $500,000 and 100% coverage for trip cancellation, it's a no-brainer.