Best Travel Insurance Companies in 2016

Most phenomenal, life-changing adventures begin as a mishap far, far away from home. However, it is only after emergency extrication and about a dozen rounds of nervous laughter that this otherwise "risky", "dangerous", or almost always "expensive" situation gets promoted to adventure status.

Travel insurance is a great big cushion for those unexpected financial blows that are, unfortunately, just a part of traveling. Delayed flights, a lost connection, an extra day at that expensive hotel or lost luggage can really ruin a carefully planned trip- so plan in some protection!

Do I really need travel insurance?

The great majority of travelers get by just fine without travel insurance, however it is not for lack of risk. The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in the year 2014 alone, two-percent of flights were completely cancelled and one in four trips were delayed. This is not taking into account personal travel emergencies such as a death or sickness in the family, an injury abroad, etc.

So do you really need travel insurance? Honestly, it's up to you- but if you need a second opinion, we'll help you with a handy list of the best travel insurance companies for the year 2016.

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What Coverage Should I Choose for a Car?

Driving is one of those coming-of-age stages whereby independence becomes expensive. Every driver is required to have car insurance and for most of us, it's an investment we researched thoroughly before making.

What type of coverage should you choose for your car? Well, let's explore your options.

Types of Coverage

First off, the type of coverage you choose for your car depends on what type of car you have and what you'll be using it for. Most states have laws that require a minimum coverage plan, so let's look at the very basics.

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